Slave to Fortune is a historical novel, purportedly based on the 17th century adventures of Tom Cheke.

On this website you’ll find lots of information about the colourful people and places that feature in Tom’s memoir. You can learn about the variety of ships that feature in his voyages and discover ancient maps and other fascinating insights into Tom’s world.

You can also find information about the author, a free sample chapter and options for purchasing the book. You can even have a go at cracking a I7th century code. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the novel or are just about to!

Take a browse around the website and let me know what you think on the comments page or send me an email at djmunro.author@gmail.com.

Slave to Fortune was a #1 best-selling Historical Thriller on Kindle (UK) in October 2017 and also a #1 best-seller for YA Historical Fiction.

It is currently short-listed for the international Chaucer Book Award (2017) for Historical Fiction and scores 4.5 out of 5 stars on goodreads.com and slightly higher on Amazon.

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DJ Munro

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