Now an award-winning novel


Great news: Slave to Fortune did rather well at the Chanticleer International Book Awards over in Washington State last weekend (21-22 April 2018).

Amid some stiff competition, it was a First Place category winner for historical fiction (Chaucer Award). It was also the First Place category winner for young-adult historical fiction, and then picked up the Grand Prize for young adult fiction (all categories – the Dante Rossetti Award).


Handily, my daughter was on hand to capture some of the moments (official photos to follow).

Don’t expect this to be the start of a rush of awards – these were the only awards that Slave to Fortune has ever been entered for, and I’m now going to quit while I’m ahead (it’s probably time-barred now from entering other competitions anyway). But it was certainly worth the effort and the long journey.

In between flights, we took in a few of the sights on a rapid tour of Vancouver and Seattle and beautiful Washington State (by Jeep, of course).

Vancouver – Capilano Bridge


The Chuckanut Drive


Seattle (From Volunteer Park water tower)


The lighthouse belonging to the fabulous Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, WA – the awards ceremony was held in the ballroom.


And here’s a picture of me taken by my daughter in Bellingham, WA – against a suitably American backdrop!

Many congratulations to all the other category winners and shortlisters!