You can order the book in your local bookstore: ISBN: 978-1-9996055-1-3

You can purchase the book in paperback on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and other Amazon sites, as well as a range of other on-line retailers.



You can download the novel for your Kindle (or similar reading devices) from various Amazon sites including:

USA: Amazon.com

UK: Amazon.co.uk

India: Amazon.in

Australia: Amazon.com.au 

Canada: Amazon.ca

The standard price for the download is £3.99 in the UK, 3.99 euros,  $5.99 in Australia, $5.99 in Canada and $3.99 (plus tax) in the USA.

If you own a Kindle (or Kindle Fire) and are a subscriber to Amazon Prime then you can also borrow the book for free (up to one book per month) from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library accessed via your Kindle store. Unsure how to do this? Find out here.

If you don’t have a Kindle but still want to download the e-book then Amazon offers free Reading Apps for non-Kindle devices, to enable you to download Kindle books from Amazon for use on smartphones, tablets, PCs etc.


You can download the Audiobook version direct from the publisher at tantor.com or via Audible.

If you’re in the US, you can also purchase the audiobook on CD.

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